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I had my third child around 25th march 2016, a week after his naming , I found out his eyes were yellowish. I asked my mum who told me it might be jaundice. She prescribed some medications which I was hoping that in a week it would be corrected but it was not and I was not comfortable waiting at my mum's time so we took him to IfakoI jaye General Hospital close to where I live. We were asked to run some test. At the place where we ran the test, I was told that they could not find his Gall Bladder. (more…)

Mrs Ojedele Balikis

A lot of people who make enquiries about our treatments do doubt the efficacy at the beginning and such is the story of the woman whose testimony we are sharing today . She didn't believe the treatment will work for her due to the failure of other such treatments she has taken in the past. (more…)

Tiamiyu Ibrahim

My first Encounter with Fohow was about two years ago, I was introduced to Fohow by a neighbor where I lived. I did not accept the ideas of Fohow medical product immediately. I was more or less forced by circumstances. First of all, it was my mother, she happened to be a known actress (she has stop acting now because of her health issues). She was fighting with Cancer. Prior to that, she had high blood pressure, kidney problem and diabetes. (more…)

George Dalbri

I remember using Fohow Oral when I was seven months pregnant so as to have an easy delivery and development of the baby. During my delivery, my baby was delivered easily.


Actually, it started around 2010 and I didn't know that I was having infection, to stand and move was difficult, to seat was even an issue. I met my health consultant who examines me, she even thought I was pregnant because my stomach was big. I felt back pain and so on. The health consultant recommended Fohow medications like the Guifeibao, Luiwei Cha , waist belt, Blood Cleanser. So, when I started using Guifeibao, I noticed that something will come out with the Guifeibao stalk in mass. I reported it to her and she said, God has started to do his work. I realize I could walk long distance. I also had itches around my private part she gave me Aloe gel and since then about 2 years a go it's been resolved.

Roselyn Jeje

Four month after my marriage, there was no pregnancy. I met with a lady Mrs Babalola who told me about Fohow. I was reluctant at first, she called me again and I went, she ran some test on me and realized I had infection. She gave me the drugs and I began to use it and it cleared the infections. The Allicin (Fohow Garlic oil) was one of the products that was given. I also recommend Fohow Garlic oil to a woman who had infection. I gave her Fohow Garlic Oil and she told me how wonderful it is.

Afolabi Adewunmi

It was 2014, I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage. I went to the hospital, and after series of test, I was told it was as a result of fibroid and I have to go through surgery in Ghana, at a hospital called Airport Women's Hospital. I asked the gynecologist how much it would cost me, he said two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I had an appointment, so I had to travel, then I met a family friend over there who is a lab technician, he introduced the product called Guifeibao, and told me to read about it. And if I am convinced I should go ahead and use it.

I did as he said and I was convinced, and on my return to Nigeria. I called Mrs. Osuka and she responded. She encouraged me to use the drugs as prescribed. I inserted the first pill and a week later my fibroid came off. Two months later, I took in after using a pill of Guifeibao. I have continued to use it once in a while and I have introduced it to a lot of women who have fibroid issues, some who have done surgery and it grew back and they could testify that it worked for them.

Belinda Bonsu

My husband was treated with Fohow medication - before then, I just observed that his body was shaking, if he wants to stand, his body shakes, even when he woke up one night to use the restroom, he just fell down I quickly called our daughter and her husband. they lifted my husband up only to realise he cannot move a part of his hand and leg. We had to take him to the Orthopedic hospital, where he was working, getting there, his colleague Pastor Sam met us it was he that said he knew people at Allen that it would be best to go there. He said, their medicines are very good. I said okay. We organized and brought him to the office at Allen. There, they examined and prescribed Fohow medicine to him. There have been great changes we thank God and I say kudos to Fohow.

Mrs Shoyoye

We went to my sister's birthday party, during the event something funny happened, the plate of food I was with fell down. People asked me what the problem was and I told them I could not understand. I was totally not fit during the event that I could not drive after the event, a family member accompanied me to Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos where I work. The staff doctor tested me and asked that I should be hospitalized for better care, I was later discharged and asked to return 8 days later. The Doctor at the hospital suggested that I undergo a brain test which cost ninety-eight thousand naira, this was on a high side for me. At this point, I spoke with Pastor Sam who gave me the number of a medical consultant that uses fohow medication. I was able to fix an appointment, and with the help of my family I was taken to the place. And in a short time, I recovered. I am glad I did not die as a result of this sickness as I witnessed many people including a good friend of mine die of stroke.

The fohow products such as blood cleanser fohow garlic, fohow calcium, linczhi (ganoderma), fohow tea and meigui paste were products that aided my quick recovery.

k.o. Shoyoye

My name is Alhaja Asiata Alimi, I will be sharing the experience I had with my husband been treated with Fohow medications.
It happened that my husband was very sick, we took him to the hospital, there he was diagnosed to have kidney problem, the two kidneys was almost gone I became confused. We were referred to another hospital at Ebutte Metta there we went frequently for diagnosis, then a doctor who is our family friend came visiting when he saw my husband, he directed us to another specialist diagnostic hospital where machines were used. Blood were transmitted into him yet before the end of diagnostics my husband Blood got abnormally low. This happened consistently until my husband refused going into the machine, he requested to return home and that if it means he would die he rather died at home. So, we came back home.


Alhaja Asiata Alimi

It was on a particular Monday morning I woke up and brushed my mouth as I tried to use the bathroom. I just realized I could not. I called my wife and explained what was happening. She quickly rushed me to Salvation hospital at my residence. They could not save the situation, in fact I started to vomit and I can’t say I recognized where I was, because I felt like I was gone totally. I was unconscious for two hours, but got my consciousness back. All I knew was that I was taken here and there. On getting to a hospital in Oshodi, I told them I am tired.

fortunately, my friend Alhaji Jomoh came, when he saw me, he explained and said that this happening to him two years ago, he quickly rushed down and called the Fohow health team. They are the people that rescued me. My life was saved as I used the Fohow medical products. In fact, the doctor who first treated me at Salvation Hospital said that this was a miracle when he saw me weeks later. Before my treatments, I could not do anything myself, I could not even go to the toilet myself but just within one week of treatment I could stand up, walk into the toilet, use the restroom and do many things myself including eating. In fact, I am grateful to fohow products.

Alhaji Alimi

My Ectopic Pregnancy disappear with just half of what were recommended for me. And I’m now pregnant too after 3 years of waiting. Keep it up (Sola Ibadan)

Sola from Ibadan

I had Ovarian Cysts and fibroids, I have done operation once but the fibroids occurred again. I had CS during my 1st child birth. So it was after 1 year of CS that I did (more…)

Shukrat, Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria

I’m a youth copper serving in Lagos. My menstruation has not been regular for a long time. But in Feb 2014 it stopped totally. I experience menopause since Feb (more…)

Funmi Alao (Miss) Iyana Ipaja

I currently have 3 children. During the pregnancy of my third child, I was diagnosed of fibroid. It grew to 80mm after the delivery. I have taken several herbal products (more…)

Mrs Abiola, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

65mm Fibroid Got Rid In Less Than 1MonthI had fibroid (65mm size) for 5 years. I have tried several Fibroid products of all the Network Marketing companies that I (more…)

Mrs Rose Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

I had 80mm*75mm and other 4 fibroidss close to this size, I saw your advert on facebook that they have treatment for any gynecology problem. (more…)

Chioma, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

My 124mm *120mm reduced to 60mm*54mm in just 4weeks. I bought the fibroids solution kit .of FOHOW as recommended and the consultant told me the treatment (more…)

Rose M., Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria

I have serious infection (candida) for 1 year. I used many drugs & products because the effects I experience are not good at all. I used Infection Solution Kit and all (more…)

Tolu Opebi, ikeja, Lagos

My 8 years infection gone. I have taking drugs, I have used several herbal products, when i hear, i buy because the symptoms i used to see were very very (more…)

Funmi A. S. from Akure

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